About Shanyi Organics

Shanyi Organics started with a young college girl whipping her hair concoctions at a corner of her room and is steadily growing to becoming a household name in the Organic Beauty Industry in Africa.

Founded in January 2016, this hair and beauty line is a solution to the need for an organic, safe and quality hair and beauty brand from Africa, by a Nigerian and to the rest of the world!

With every Shanyi Organic product you buy, there is a guarantee that you are getting value for your money because we will not sell what we have not tried and certified fit for  your curls.

In addition to giving you the best products for your hair, we offer hair consulting services. Our goal is to help you grow beautiful and healthy hair. Trust us to SLAY that with our products or hair consulting.  

So whether you a fresh natural, pro curlista or somewhere in between, with afro textured hair and melanin skin ( No we are not bias) we have what you need!


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